The poetry of design

Throughout my life I traveled, I saw, I heard, I learned and I experienced, yet one thing that remained constant amidst all of the unknowns was my passion for creation. I was particularly enamoured with jewellery that evoked an emotional response and I began very early collecting pieces that breathed vision and stones that fascinated and intrigued my imagination with their shape and colour.

My companion in this journey was Beatrice. She had a natural gift for synthesis, which set her own jewellery pieces apart. We began marching to the beat of the same drum. The inception of jewellery pieces, made with care and love, by mixing cultures and using highly researched materials started taking a very distinct form.

Hues from the palaces of the far Indies, fiery dragons of jade from the holy temples of China, Art Deco gems from the bazaars of Portobello and bones and mother of pearl from the heart of Africa started stimulating our spirit that remained restless and kept us up until dawn!

Beatrice handmade jewelry with aromas from our most exotic trips and the Greek summers of Cycladic islands (black lava rocks and corals, turquoise and shells) fused in the hand of ingenious Beatrice and filled our nights with a rush of passion and creation. It was then, that above all, the personal expression became something greater and our journey started. Every great journey is full of challenges and adventure. Ours has just begun and we hope to enthuse others and capture the beauty of the world in a piece of jewellery. We cannot wait for you to join us!!