Beatrice Handmade Jewelry blends styles using unique materials carefully selected, originating from all over the world. All the pieces of jewellery fuse different cultures with compositions of semi-precious stones and unusual elements.

Our exclusive collection of unique fashion jewellery is inspired by extraordinary one of a kind elements and rare materials. We use semi-precious stones, in particular, polished and engraved jade, vivid hues of agate, corals in their natural form, jet black shiny onyx, Rhodonite, Hematite, Chrysocolla and Smokey Quartz.

The combination of elements such as fresh water pearls in different shapes, carved bone in unusual forms, hand painted elements made of resin, lava, leather, velvet cord and hand knitted clasps, creates perfectly balanced pieces of jewellery.

The designer spends countless hours on piecing together the most exquisite elements using her expertise and skills to create breathtaking, innovative jewellery.